Kepler Project API


Asterank offers a basic queryable database for NASA's Kepler Project. It is a simple way to quickly apply constraints to a set of over 2,000 exoplanets and unconfirmed "objects of interest." The database supports comparators and specific criteria for all attributes provided by the Kepler Data Explorer.

The database currently runs on mongodb and queries must adhere to mongo's json format for a 'find' operation. Information is refreshed nightly from the Kepler Data Explorer.


Requests are of the form:{query}&limit={limit}

Response data formats:

KOIObject of Interest number
ASemi-major axis (AU)
RPLANETPlanetary radius (Earth radii)
RSTARStellar radius (Sol radii)
TSTAREffective temperature of host star as reported in KIC (k)
KMAGKepler magnitude (kmag)
TPLANETEquilibrium temperature of planet, per Borucki et al. (k)
T0Time of transit center (BJD-2454900)
UT0Uncertainty in time of transit center (+-jd)
UT0Uncertainty in time of transit center (+-jd)
PERPeriod (days)
UPERUncertainty in period (+-days)
DECDeclination (@J200)
RARight ascension (@J200)
MSTARDerived stellar mass (msol)

Sample Request

This request returns 10 Kepler Objects of Interest with estimated equilibrium temperatures between 290 and 320 Kelvin.